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About Taylor & Lawrence

We are a boutique consulting firm helping businesses of all sizes achieve their financial goals by building cooperative alliances and strategic partnerships.

Co-founded by Anthony Ameen and Edwin Daniel, our mission is to provide loyal and mutually beneficial partnerships for businesses to work and build together, ensuring growth and sustainability, as well as increasing revenue.



Meet Our Team


Anthony Ameen served as a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman from 2002-2010. In 2008, Ameen was severely wounded while operating in Afghanistan with the 2nd Battalion/7th Marines – 1st Marine Division. Ameen suffered severe injuries, including the loss of his lower left leg.

Ameen’s own experiences with transitioning to life after war with disabilities inspired him to create Wings for Warriors. In 2010 the volunteer-driven, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization was founded to help combat wounded Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans as they return home.  Wings for Warriors also helps them transition into the realm of living with their disabilities. This non-profit works to ensure that veterans receive adequate healthcare and the financial benefits that they are due, as well as building support and assistance from their local communities.

As the Founder and CEO of Wings for Warriors and a highly decorated veteran, Ameen has made numerous keynote public speaking engagements across the United States.  He has also made several national televised appearances, including CNN, NBC’s ‘Last Call With Carson Daly’, National Geographic Channel, and much more. From the start of Wings for Warriors, Ameen has conceptualized, launched, and managed every aspect of the non-profit while working closely with the Board of Directors to strategize and execute the organization’s vision and mission. After 7 years of managing every aspect of Wings for Warriors, Ameen learned to be a strong leader in intuitive sales and marketing by forming a strong brand loyalty and cultivating productive relationships with executive stakeholders, investors, and even international partners.

While still maintaining Wings for Warriors, Ameen also went on to work for other companies as part of their executive teams. During his time with New England Financial from 2014-2015 he managed the southwest region’s marketing team, including the direct supervision of four marketing coordinators and 200 marketing advisor programs. Ameen and his team worked hard to create a solid brand identity, including a company-wide voice and vision, that led to increased customer loyalty and stronger media connections.

In 2014 Ameen moved on to work with Dayak United Energy, while still carefully watching over Wings for Warriors. As the director of business development, he collaborated with the executive team to develop and execute strategic goals, missions, and visions, which in turn influenced the company’s overall brand and marketing strategies.

Throughout Ameen’s career, he has worked to fuse diverse corporate, nonprofit and military experience to grow corporations into disciplined, profit generating global organizations. He always strives to create and communicate a shared vision, provide example-based leadership. He also drives a culture of excellence that results in high-growth organizations that consistently exceed expectations.


Edwin Daniel Served in the U.S. Navy from 2007-2017 in a variety of positions including Leading Petty Officer of the Operations and Training Department. There Daniel oversaw the Navy Reserve Writing Order Writing System budget with $4 million in yearly funding. Throughout the process he used five detailed reporting systems to ensure 100 percent adjudication of committed funds and provide accurate financial forecasts.

As a decorated veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, Daniel has always excelled in his environment by exemplifying the highest level of leadership and by implementing innovative ideas to his organization. His detailed investigations into improving training strategies resulted in an increase of training completion from 62 percent to 97 percent within a three-month time period.

Daniel also liaised with the charge card contractor Citibank to maintain an up-to-date list of current cardholders and accounts with current balances.  As well as providing weekly analysis reports to senior leadership. This led him to Investigate 1,149 cases of charge card overpayment and he recouped $242K of improperly expended funds and $12K in owed accounts, saving the federal government six percent annually. These investigations let to Daniel’s award of Sailor of the Quarter for his contribution to financial management.

Daniel further proved his attention to detail during his time as a records manager, where he led eight personnel in the analysis of large volumes of complex data.  He directed them to identify and correct 865 medical record errors that raised mission readiness rates from 56% to 100%. Throughout the process he established three standard operating procedure documents on records maintenance based on lessons-learned and the best practices from the audit.

In 2013, Daniel co-founded Dayak, LLC with Rosye Salz. Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, he has quickly learned the business of steam coal trading through networking and cultural understanding.

Daniel’s comprehensive background has led him to excel in customer service, account reconciliation, and logistics management.  He learned this from conducting domestic and global operations in Afghanistan, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, and North America. His extensive knowledge and senior leadership makes Daniel a great asset to any project.